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Digital Print Wallpaper: The Renter-Friendly Approach To Personalising Your Space

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Renting a property or business space can often mean you're restricted when it comes to decorating or branding, especially when it comes to the walls. But your rental doesn't need to remain a blank canvas. Whether Domestic or Commercial, no interior scheme seems complete without a design that ties everything together and more importantly, doesn’t have to last forever.

The arrival of the millennial market and its love of personalisation has built on the impetus given by the development of digital printing technology and its ability to deliver quickly and oftentimes, frequently.

Digital wallpaper printing allows for more scope for creativity because you can design a custom wall covering specifically to your taste or brand guidelines - just like you would for a car or boat wrap!

Read on for a full glimpse into Kai's Signs Digital Print Wallpaper and how your world is about to get that little bit brighter.

Make Your Home Yours

A visually aesthetic atmosphere created by custom wall coverings enables one to generate a bespoke environment reflecting your personal flair or product range. Ideal for short periods with the ability to print on demand, digital print wallpaper allows you to reinvent your surroundings with innovative concepts that always look new without any possibility for damage to the original wall surface.

Be The Business Showstopper

Change up your wall coverings as often as you change your marketing campaigns. Because digital wallpaper allows for such a huge scope in creativity, you can design anything from simple illustrations to animated graphics. Not only can these designs be showstoppers, but they can be so unique that they’re memorable to your customer base, it results in generating a positive resonance between your brand and audience. Get creative & make it your own!

Zero Headaches: Now & In The Future

Digital wallpapers are durable and tear-resistant - unlike many other products on the market. This will allow your design to stay looking fresher for longer than say, traditional papers and paint. The beauty is that you won’t need to top it up or replace it as often, so it saves considerably more time and is more cost effective in the long run. Kai's Signs Digital Print Wallpaper is also more eco-friendly as it is installed with water and removed with water. It is PVC free and printed on a latex printer making it ideal for anyone who simply wants to jazz up their space without having to endure any headaches at any point.

When you’re designing a space, wallpaper should be one of the first things to consider because it sets the tone for everything else that your unique space showcases. Not only will it make or break your interior design, but it can also help you create that big impact - whether it be for dinner guests on a Saturday night or your clients first thing on a Monday morning. Do it well and right the first time- you’ll thank yourself later!

For more information on digital wallpaper and other types of large format printing we have to offer at Kai's Signs, head over to our website and get in touch!

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