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Wrap Your New Car With Zero Regret

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

“Should I wrap my new car?” No doubt that’s the top question appearing in your google search bar. 😉

Truth be told, it’s a tough decision for any new car owner, but guess what? Car wrapping allows you to change your mind with zero regret. Whether you’re set on buying a second hand quality make that’s in tip-top shape, or a brand spanking new set of wheels, you can rest assured knowing your new car wrap will not only protect the original paint, but you’ll have the flexibility and freedom to either mix up your design or revert to an original blank canvas if you change your mind down the line. Complimenting your vehicle with a car wrap whether it be for business or pleasure is a win-win decision that you won’t lose sleep over. 🤓

Like most things, the key lies within your research on the car wrapping company you choose and knowing exactly what the green flags are with an appropriate design for your vehicle 🏁. To save you putting a hole in your pocket, we will highlight the key factors to consider which will put you in good stead with your car wrapping pursuits whether you’re buying a new or used car.

Buying & Selling Wrapped Cars

Like many, if you have a limited deposit, don’t have a high credit score or your finance lender has allocated you smaller installments, then the used car purchasing option is the way to go. You’ll need to bear in mind, however, that maintenance costs are a thing you can’t run from but car wrapping maintenance is next to none. Your budget will need to account for services and repairs in order to ensure a safe and quality running condition until you’re ready for your next set of wheels! That said, a used car is always a wise short term investment, particularly if you know you’ll be looking to upgrade in a few years and simply need a vehicle to fill the time gap. If you take care of your baby during this timeframe and it still holds value when you go to market, selling it won’t actually result in a significant loss to your bank account. In fact, you may even find yourself being very satisfied with the purchase price 😋 Additionally, having your car wrap removed is an easy and cost effective endeavour that we can take care of prior to when you begin advertising your car.

Who doesn’t love those new car feels? 😍 Regardless of whether you’re buying a Suzuki Swift or a Mercedes-Benz GLS 63 AMG, that sexy new car smell is an undeniable pleasure, even for the average Joe who’s only concerned about getting from point A to point B. The obvious beauty of buying a new car is that EVERYTHING is new and it's often tied to a shiny warranty that screams “peace of mind” to the buyer. Whilst there’s also less risk with mechanical failure, there’s no guarantee you won’t still endure some hefty repair fees after you joyfully drive away from the car yard feeling a million dollars. If you’re buying a new car you need to consider cars that are of a low-risk category. You’ll likely even benefit from an insurance drop if you do your due diligence and make a few calls. The beauty of wrapping your new car is that it offers an extra level of paintwork protection. Whether your precious motor vehicle is for business or pleasure, you can sleep at night with the knowledge that any small abrasions or scratches to your investment are unlikely with a car wrap.

Whether you’re buying a new or used car, there’s always a few things to consider: technology for one. This plays a huge role in fuel efficiency and let’s be honest, a few saved dollars at the petrol station every week really does add up, particularly nowadays at $2 per liter. 😱 Of course, the environment is something we all need to prioritise too, guys. In addition to fuel efficiency, driving a car that you know passes all the emissions tests is a damn good feeling. Think of it as your own good deed, we all need to do our part. 😜

The resale value is also what you want to be all over. Old or new, if you choose the right make, you’ll be setting yourself up for success in the future with respect to the bottom dollar. Decent value & long term capacity is what you want to be researching when your aim is to buy responsibly, regardless of whether you’re dabbling with the idea of an oldie-but-goodie hot rod or a brand spanking new set of wheels. Irrespective of your decision, a long-lasting & durable car wrap will only add value to your investment with its ability to protect and add value down the line.

Like any relationship, buying a car is a serious commitment and something to deeply consider. While any set of wheels may be a depreciating asset, it should always make sense in the long run. Like a hot blonde with legs for days, a quality car will have more than just power and appeal, it will have attributes like serviceability, a good brand reputation, promising resale value and reasonable insurance costs. Married together with sexy car wrap, you’ve got yourself a winner.

Contact us today at Kai's Signs to discuss your design preferences for your unique and individual car wrap.

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