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Updated: Jun 5, 2023

We’re known around town for being the go-to car and boat wrap guys - but there’s a lot more to us that meets the eye 😉. A day in the life of our professional in-house graphic designers is vast. Our design team combines their creative knowledge with their artistic ability in order to create work that revolves around visual communication for clients of all scopes and sizes. Expressing ideas and information to an intended audience is a gift, as is the ability to truly understand the needs and desires of each customer.

Visual communication can take many different forms and has several types such as signs, animations, advertising, illustrations or motion imagery. While this gives you a basic idea, it’s not nearly enough to convey the dynamic work our team are capable of delivering.

And so, without further ado, we’d like to dive into what a typical day in the life of our commendable graphic designer looks like and the creative work they bring to life!

Say hello to Kaj, Kia and Maddy 👋🏻😊

Marine Graphic Design

Kaj is the man who brings your boat dreams to life - just saying! He’ll work with you to transform your boat’s look with vibrant and compelling boat graphics. A boat graphic that is truly unique to you is the most effective way to add some personality to your water-mobile and turn heads out on the water. 👀

Go nuts, we cover everything from highly illustrative boat wraps to classic camos. Explore your imagination or better yet, consult Kaj to bounce some ideas off one of the best creative minds you’ll encounter. Being an expert in his field, Kaj maneuvers the mechanics behind the madness whilst producing results that exceed expectations. There is something for every boat lover, so have some fun with it and enjoy the process!

Automotive Graphic Design

Have you ever paused and checked out other vehicles while stuck in traffic? Chances are a Kai's Signs vehicle wrap has caught your eye. Car wraps are an astonishingly popular design product for small businesses that keep us busy - literally all year round! A mobile billboard with ad space that a business owner only has to pay for once is a no-brainer for most people who are serious about creating impact with their corporate branding. So let’s unpack the process.

The first step in creating a custom car wrap is the design process. This step always begins with an idea or concept that you may or may not have in mind for your car wrap. This idea can be something as simple as an image or a colour scheme that our graphic artists will use to help create a car wrap design. You’ll be included in every step of the design process, from images and styles to fonts and colours and everything in between, in order to ensure that our design encapsulates your vision. Once Kia, Maddy and Kaj have come up with a completed design, you’ll have the opportunity to review all final proofs and mock-ups in order to provide complete sign off before the vinyl wrap goes to print.

Bear in mind, if you already have a design or logo all ready to go, we’ll need them supplied as an EPS, .Ai, or PDF. It’s also important to remember, a JPEG saved as a PDF is not a true PDF, so if you’re unsure, be sure to ask. 😉

Our team of vinyl wrapping experts can handle all types of vinyl wraps including car wraps, truck wraps, SUV wraps, bus wraps, motorcycle wraps and more. Of course, safety comes first, so you can rest assured our reflective vehicle wraps are compliant with the highest level of road safety.

Business Signage & Branding Collateral

If you’re a business owner, an entrepreneur, or just someone who needs to print a sign but has no idea what the business signage is all about, then you’ve come to the right place. From commercial signage to retail and shopfront signage, we have seen and done it all. In general, there are several factors to consider when designing your business signage – the location, material, visibility, the size - the list goes on, believe us! But don’t get overwhelmed, that’s what we are here for. Our graphic designers will guide and advise you every step of the way.

If your business branding expands beyond your business signage or vehicle wrap, and you need to dress your team, look no further. Our team produce full-colour, dye sublimation t-shirt designs that are printed in a way that ensures your branding consistency is maintained across all types of substrates. Additionally, our in-house graphic design team who specialise in signage design have also had countless years of experience creating and delivering on other branding items such as flyers, corflutes, banners, brochures and business cards. Name the task and we’ll bring it to life.

Have some questions? We bet you do - and we’re here ready to get creative! Whether you have a boat, car, business (or all three), allow us to collaborate with you. Give us a call today at Kai's Signs or drop us a line here.

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